We could tell you that when Sarah and Emmet Condon started Liquid Remedy in their kitchen in Melbourne, Australia, they had no idea what lay ahead. But we’d be lying. They had an inkling. It all started with some home-brewed kombucha. Their kids were into it. Their mates were hooked. Family members were dropping by more often for a taste.

Meanwhile, supermarket shelves were full of drinks that were either straight-up-unhealthy (oh hello, cola), stuff that was masquerading as healthy but really hiding something (lookin’ at YOU, sugar bomb juice box), or for-real-healthy but definitely-not-tasty (nice knowin’ ya green juice)…

Rather than get too frustrated, they looked around and thought “There’s a Liquid Remedy for that”! They’d cracked a secret magic code: a drink that was as good for you as a digital detox, a silent retreat in the alps of Cambodia but so tasty the kids still think it is a treat, with nothing to hide.

So, they took a chance. Some might call it a massive risk. They had a young family. No jobs to fall back on. Some savings, a couple of credit cards. Entrepreneurial know-how, but no experience in the food and drinks world. What they did have were big aspirations and a simple belief.

They wanted to do something good. Shake things up. They knew that healthy didn’t have to be boring. Healthy could be tasty. Extraordinary, even. They believed we all deserve to know that too.

Fast forward a few years and that dream has become a reality. Not only has Liquid Remedy Kombucha become Australia’s and the UK’s favorite kombucha, we’re now filling fridges all over the world (including right here in the USA!).