Fermented Veggies in jars

How to Ferment at Home Like a Pro

We don’t know about you but lately our social algorithm has been set to cottage-core chic. People are wearing quilts and bonnets, fermenting anything they can get their hands on, and we’re here for it. 👏 Not only is it super cool to be creating healthy cultures for peak gastrointestinal performance, but fermented foods are delicious and can kick any bland meal up a notch. And what better way to set off your fermentation journey than with the best kombucha out there: Remedy!

To celebrate this rustic trend we’ve collaborated with our friends at I Quit Sugar to share our all-time fave fermented recipes. From kombucha makin’ to pickling a Remedy rainbow of veg, each recipe will in fact make you the most popular homesteader on the prairie.

The best bit is that whether you’re a full-fledged fermenting genius or a probiotic novice these recipes are for you. Plus, fermented foods make great homemade gifts, they say: “I’ve been thinking about you ahead of time” and “I care about your gut health.” Cross off your gift list with our fermented favorites, lookin at you hard-to-shop-for-extended-family at Christmas.

Ferment Fave Recipes:

Kombucha Sourdough

Sweet & Spicy Fermented Hot Sauce

Kombucha Pickled Vegetables

How to Brew Your Own Kombucha

Fun Fact: The first batch of the Remedy Kombucha you know and love was created on our Founders kitchen counter in a small jar in Melbourne, Australia almost 15 years ago. From little jars, big things can grow!