Ginger Lemon Remedy Kombucha with lemons and ginger in glass

What Even are Organic Acids?

What the heck are organic acids?

Shakin’ up the fizzy drinks industry for good is what we do best at Remedy! The way we do this is by brewing drinks the old school way, following age-old fermenting traditions with all the naturally occurring benefits of live cultures and organic acids in our brews. But, what the heck are organic acids?

Don’t fret. Many people don’t know what organic acids are or have even heard of them before.

When brewin’ Remedy Kombucha, it’s not just magic that leads to a delicious no sugar drink, it’s fermentation science! You see, the live culture is what consumes all the sugar, but in the process it doesn’t just disappear, it gets converted into organic acids, also known as short-chain fatty acids, the very same kind produced by our own gut bacteria to aid important body processes.

Organic acids can help to:

Provide an energy source for the good bacteria in your gut

Regulate appetite

Stabilize blood sugar levels

Regulate cholesterol

Prevent overgrowth of bad bugs in your gut

What organic acids will you find in a Remedy Kombucha?

In every 8.5 oz of Remedy Kombucha, you will enjoy 0.5g of naturally occurring organic acids.

How can you tell if your kombucha is chock-full of organic acids?

First of all, taste. The organic acid is what gives Remedy bevs that subtle tang and good-for-you-but-still-so-damn-tasty flavor. Watch out for any kombucha or other gut health drink that claims to be fermented without some tang. When you taste the tang that’s how you know they’re brewin’ the old school way, and you’re gettin’ the goodness of organic acids.